Zahr Adelheid

Zahr Adelheid pedZahr Adelheid has an excellent pedigree as the son of the successful sport and breeding stallion Zandor Z from his own family .

In the second generation , the stallions Zeus and Argentinus together with two full sisters Polyor x Ascona . This combination resulted in successful international showjumping Sonora la Silla (Jan Tops) , Padua (Ralf Schneider) and Poor Boy (Beat Mändli) .

The GP-jumper Zodiac ( Holger Hetzel ) and Olympic showjumper Sancha La Silla ( Daniel Bluman ) are children from Sonora la Silla . Sonora ‘s sister Padua is the mother of Zandor Z , the father of Adelheid Zahr . Zandor Z performed for years in the sport under Jos Lansink and among others participated in the World Cup finals .

In addition, Zandor Z emerged as a top sire of show jumpers by the results of example Urico , Zekina Z , Zeta de Hus , Zorro Z , etc. Ascona Adelheid , the mother of Adelheid Zahr , also produced the international showjumper Ramona Adelheid Z ( Robin II Z ) by Blandine Roux .Are also known sport and breeding stallions Clinton I , Clinton II and Levisto Z. This famous Holstein lineage 4965

Zahr Adelheid was adopted at the age of three for AES and produced until 2008, a total of seven offspring in the bree

zhar-btndingof Willy Sidorak in France . Meanwhile, two sons of Zahr Adelheid are successful in the national sport of Saphir du Frelut ( Florie Laure Etien ) and Blacktendrer du Frelut ( Wilfrid Pierrot ) . From 2009 to cover state Zahr Adelaide on our company in Peer .

Own breeding of Zahr Adelheid our business include: * Zahra Hero Z ( from Prima Donna v. the Intestines Lys – Major de la Cour ) Prima Donna is ao mother ISP Ultra – Top w / h Paradise ( Christophe Vanderhasselt ) . * Zherya Hero Z ( from Rezy v. Brownboy – Widukind the Lauzelle ) Rezy is ao mother ISP Domingo ( Daniel Deusser ) .

Zahr is approved for the AES and foals can be registered at Zangersheide .